Advertising Rates

Several of the resorts listed on our site are gladly paying up to $5.00 per visitor to their web site.

What do they know that you don't?

They know that the Internet is the best investment for their advertising dollar. The Internet is consumer driven and is laser targeted. Over 67% of travel plans are now being made over the Internet. Magazine advertising just doesn't do it anymore.

Advertise on our network of fishing websites and reach your target market.

A simple little ad in the middle of a fishing magazine will cost you at least $750/month. That's over $9000 a year!

For just a fraction of that amount you can advertise on one of our fishing websites. Your advertisement will reach an audience larger than many of the major fishing magazines.

Advertise with us and your resort will be marketed to the people you desire most.

New! Only $9.95 per month!

New! Only $9.95 per month! (Great for 3 season resorts!)

     $97.50 = One year of Premium Resort Advertising on our "resorts" page.
If your ad isn't up and running on our Minnesota Resorts page in 72's free for your first month!

Our Rate Card:

Small Banner or Text Advertising Flat Rates-Per Page
  Month 6 Months Year
Home Page or the Fishing Forum $100 $500 $900
Individual Lake Report or Minnesota Resorts $9.95
$57.50 $97.50

*  Billed in 3 Month Increments

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We reserve the right to refuse any advertising that is not appropriate in our view.

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