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Name: Shannan Lee
City: Newfolden, MN
Date: 04/28/2002
Time: 08:52:31 AM


I probably fish the Red River 50 times or better a year and have never been skunked. I've caught several 20 plus pound catfish and one last year near the Drayton dam that weighed in at 30 pounds even, wich was released. Anyways what I'm getting at is that all you need to catch trophy size catfish, is a good location first of all. Early spring before the water warms up simply find a place were the water breaks or eddies, this place does not have to be big. Use a three way rig, or a carolina rig. The majic bait is simply cut bait. Large creek chubs, or sucker minnows. Cut the tail off or the tail and head if your not comfortable with that big of a peice. But I will tell you, if you use a very large chunk of cutbait you wont catch as many cats, but the ones you will catch are going to be NICE!! The main thing to remember when catfishing is to be patient. If you are in a good location, (hole, eddie, slow moving water etc.) Catfish will eventually come in to that area to rest or feed, and when they do your fresh juicy piece of cut bait will be just sitting there waiting for them to eat it. So once again find a good location, put a good size piece of cutbait on your three way or carolina rig and just wait them out. However be sure to change your cut bait every half hour to fourty five minutes, then try to cast out into the same general area. And oh yah, WATCH YOUR ROD...Good luck and I hope this advise helps you in your persuit of giant cats.

Name: jonathan
City: Stephen
Email: jonman10@hotmail.com
Date: 04/08/2002
Time: 06:35:32 PM


Doug, There is a great spot to stay here by Stephen. By where the tamarac and the red rivers meet. We have caught 30lbs there before. Otherwise you could stay right in Stephen where there is running water at the campground.

Name: scott mcnamee
City: Grand Forks
Email: scott@invoman.com
Date: 03/31/2002
Time: 10:01:00 PM



summer camping on the Red can be tough. Mosquitos are pretty bad.

I'm not aware of any EXISTING campgrounds...but I know East Grand Forks is planning a campground.


If you launched from the North Dakota side of the river you could go North and camp almost anywhere you find a spot.

I've been planning a 'north' camping trip for two years..and I've never gotten around to it, yet...maybe this year!

Name: Doug
City: Cass lake
Date: 03/31/2002
Time: 01:54:58 PM


Jonathan or Kent I am thinking about going to the Red River this summer for some Cat fishing :) i would like to stay on the Minnsesota side. I would like to camp right on shore! and have a nice lawn Chair and a fire where would be a good spot fot this? Thanks Doug in Mn

Name: Jonathan
City: Stephen
Email: jonman10@hotmail.com
Date: 03/08/2002
Time: 04:31:24 PM


We fish from 5 to 8 at night every three days or so where the tamarac river meets the red. We only catch 2-3 a time but they are 2lbs. They do not bite during the day. Using minnows on a 3/4 oz jig head(glowing).

Name: Kent Hollands
City: GF, ND
Date: 02/28/2002
Time: 09:35:23 AM


It's a hit or miss on crappies. Some nights you could be on them others your shut out. But If you can get into them you will have some great fishing.


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